DONNA CAMERON NYU 2015 Film and Art Retrospective
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"What a lovely public art idea: those curated Kimmel windows really celebrate Donna Cameron's work.

I also loved the idea that the more I looked others stopped and looked as well.

She is the star of Washington Square.

It is a beautiful, neat and concise chronicle of her transformation as an artist

acknowledging the singular contributions she made to transmedia. Bravo, Donna." 

-Laurence Kardish, Film Historian, Curator Emeritus, MoMA Department of Film

Persistence of Vision
The Cinematic Paper Emulsion art of Donna Cameron
curated by Pamela Jean Tinnen

The recent installation of the retrospective of Brooklyn artist Donna Cameron's work in 13 display windows off of Washington Square Park in the Windows Gallery at the Kimmel Center in New York City has been creating a stir. Every day since its installation began on June 1, hundreds, if not thousands, of pedestrians walking along Third Street or LaGuardia Place have stopped and wondered what to make of the striking art objects on display. There are hand-painted filmstrips, multicolored abstractly imaged surf boards designed after the streamlined body of the sturgeon, a hand-crafted LED light box, a video loop of highlights from 35 years of Cinematic Paper Emulsion Films from The Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film Library and oil paintings of choregrapher Annie-B Parson and filmmaker Mike Kuchar, personal friends of the artist, among the 20 or so works on display. 

The Kimmel Center exhibit is a retrospective of 30 years of Donna Cameron's work in film, photography, painting, collage and multi mediaCameron's patented hand-made film process is featured in films collected and exhibited by the MoMA. Much of the photography and multimedia has been exhibited at galleries in Brooklyn, Paris, Venice, Washington and Chicago. This is the first exhibit pulling all of the work together. The show is up through August 1.

Persistence of Vision:
Mid-Show Artist Talk and Reception
More Movie Clips from Haddon Productions are coming soon!
Meanwhile, here are some cool moments:
...if would like to share your photos of this event are welcome to contribute...thanks for being there...✋����

"Donna Cameron's "Persistence of Vision" is a wonderful, unique exhibition.
The notebook sketches and the rough raw small paper sequential abstractions stood out for me.
Of the films, I especially enjoyed Projector and Peterborough Forest."
John Canemaker, Academy Award-winning filmmaker, author, Professor of Film, NYU
"Most fascinating, and congrats! My favorite window is the one featuring the photo/s of Pamela."
Dr. Lucy Oakley, Head of Education and Programs, Grey Art Gallery, NYU
"Donna Cameron's innovative art installation in the Kimmel Wuindows Gallery at NYU upturns filmmaking technology and object making into new and vibrant works.
Don't be fooled by the surfboards, cameras, light works and film cuts. The artist installs film, painting, sculpture and photography to create a conceptual feast."  
Alexandra Darraby, Art Lawyer, The Art Law Firm
It's a very impressive installation. I certainly fell in love with everything you made that included sprocket holes. Congratulations! 
Andrew Gurian, Multimedia artist

Donna Cameron Retrospective Film Reel in the Kimmel Windows Gallery 

Produced by Haddon Productions for papercam films.

Cinematic Paper Emulsion highlights (1974- 2015) are showing in a continuous loop at New York University's Kimmel Center for University and Spiritual Life, in the Kimmel Windows Gallery! All film works on the reel are distributed by The Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film Library.


"Unique and not to be missed!"

"Positively not 4th Street -  because it's 3rd Street!" 

"Filmmaking and surf casting--that's my reel there!"