Portraits of People I Know and Love
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Clarinet Player
Hanover, NH, USA

Phil Sloan

Phil, a lawyer, was born in Chicago, IL. He was educated at Yale College and Northwestern University. His interests include jazz, blues and clarinet. Phil inspires us all.

Son and Father, a Freshman Year Portrait
Hanover, NH, USA

George C. Stoney (the late)

George was a great friend and colleague. His support was invaluable to me, both as an educator and as a filmmaker. George was Professor Emeritus at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, Tisch School of the Arts and is remembered historically as the "Father of Public Access Television". His beloved partner Betty Puleston, shown here at a 2008 gathering, passed away in 2009, and George departed shortly thereafter, in 2012. For years, George and Betty celebrated their June birthdays together, inviting friends to join in the party at Betty's historic Long Island estate.

Betty and George on their last birthday together
Long Island, NY, USA

Phil Sloan and Bill Greaves
Long Island, NY, USA

Ken and Flo Jacobs in Night of the Living Pixel

Andy on the Road to Dartmouth College
Route 91, USA

Grace and Andy
New Haven, CT, USA

Andy C. Sloan

Andy is a flmmaker and web producer. He is a graduate of NYC's Fiorello LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and the Performing Arts and Dartmouth College. He is very loyal to his friends and family. Andy rocks!

Green Courage
Hanover, NH, USA

Portraits of friends from Betty & George's last Birthday Bash

Channer before Llama
Long Island, NY, USA

Jason and Keila
Long Island, NY, USA

Artemis with Hat, under Tree
Long Island, NY, USA





Ken Jacobs is a longtime friend and colleague. We share love and admiration for our mutual friend, the late filmmaker Jack Smith, as well as a love of film, especially experimental film. Ken is a founding member of The Filmmakers' Cooperative and the New American Cinema Group. He has always been an inspiration.

Cynthia Maris Dantzic

Cynthia is a neighbor, colleague and friend. She is the author of many fine books, including "100 NY Photographers". We met through a painter, and discovered that we have lived on the same Brooklyn block for many years. She teaches at Long Island University. Her late husband, Jerry Dantzic, was a superb photographer. Cynthia studied at Yale College with Josef Albers in the 1950s and works in painting, photography, drawing, and calligraphy, inspiring new ideas.

Cynthia bringing up Cynthia (video still)
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Micheal Tracy

Michael is a dancer, choreographer and experimental theater designer. He and a colleague invented the cutting edge dance troupe Pilobolus at Dartmouth College in the 1970s, as undergraduate athletes. We have had many notable conversations at the Joyce theater, where he and his dancers sometimes premiere Pilobolus' newest works.

Michael and Son

Pilobolus at the Joyce Theater

Eppe with Folded Hands
Venice, italy

Eppe Tito

Eppe is a third generation Italian artist. His work is allegorical and figurative. His sculptures employ the ancient lost wax technique. He is the subject of a Donna Cameron Artist film portrait, in production since 2006.

Silvia Orio

Silvia is a descendent of one of the original families of Venice. Her work includes hotel management, art research and language translation. 

Silvia and Spelo
Venice, Itay

Silvia and Alexandra under Biennale Umbrellas
Venice, Itay