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2013    Meditation for a Lonely Flute (Adeline Tomasone version) (16mm to digital film)
           Shirley Clarke in Our Time (Documentary) one inch to DVD remaster
           Shirley Clarke's Legacy (Mobile Phone Documentary)
2012    I♥ NY & The Lady 2 (Motion Jpeg CPE Animation)
2011    Marathon Momento (16mm film)
           Brokn Bridge (optical sound version)
2010      Dad's Diagnosis  (Mobile Phone Documentary)
           Shirley Clarke in Our Time (Documentary video) Beta-VHS to DVD remaster
2009     LIFEtranspo (Motion JPEG CPE Animation)
           Omen (Motion JPEG Animation)
           A=22@Quechee Falls (Mobile Phone Film)
2008    Howard Sloan at Home (Mobile Phone Documentary)
           The Paper Plane to Venice (Video Verite)
2007    PJ Titus (Video Gallery Profile)                                                      
2006    Live Reel (CPE 16mm film with live music to digital video)
2005    The Orensanz Portfolio (Video Documentary)
           Projector (16mm Film to Video)
2003    TRANSPO (CPE & Documentary) 
2002    Saving Squad 1 (Documentary)
           JAZZ Elegy: A Tribute to Henri Matisse (digital video)
2001    Peterborough Forest (35mm)
           World Trade Alphabet Film (35mm)   
2000    Thunderbolt: Vivienne Thaul Wechter (Video Portrait)
           Spring Fever (Digital Video Montage)
           Jazz STUDY (CPE Photo Collage, 35mm film) 
1998    The Clown (CPE Photo Collage, 16mm film) 
1997    Coralmation (S-8 film)
           Die Honigbiene ( Mac Computer processed 16mm films)
           Mosaic #4 (Video to film 16mm film)
1996    Canvas: I & II (CPE Photo Collage to computer video) 
           Lieder (CPE Photo Collage, 35mm film) 
           Raft (Dance & video presentation)
           Meditation for a Lonely Flute (Barbara Siesel version)
           Of Water &Clouds (CPE Photo Collage, video) 
1995    Bill's Dummy Film (CPE Photo Collage) 
           Gothic (Documentary, s-film to video)
           Mother's Prayer (Documentary, hi-8 video)
           A Horse Named Dancer (Dance & video projection)
           Paint box (CPE Photo Collage, 16mm film to computer video) 
1994    Dragon (16mm film)
1993    Felice (Documentary – live 35mm Slides & Music presentation)
           Autumn Leaves (CPE Photo Collage, 16mm film) 
           Shirley Clarke in Our Time (Documentary video)
1992    New Moon (Simultaneous Film Video \ Projection Version 1992   
           CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DUPLICATE (Documentary, video)
           Il Etait Une Fois (16mm double projection film)
1991    Fauve (Sound Version)
           NYC/Joshua Tree (Documentary, live music & film recording, 16mm film)
1990    Fauve (CPE Photo Collage, 16mm film) 
           TYGER TYGER (CPE Photo Collage, 16mm film) 
1988    The Falcon (Mock Doc Red film)
           Signs (Mock Doc Red film)
1987    The Superweapon (16mm film)
           End (CPE Photo Collage) 
           The Chinese Lunch (16mm optical film collage)
1986    New Moon (Film-Video Version)
1985    Dracula and the Babysitter (Mock Doc Red film))
1983    New Moon (CPE Photo Collage) 
           Unicorn (16mm film)
1981    Going to Celia's Wedding (s-8 film)
1980    The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel (16mm optical film collage)
1979    Dr. Kirby (16mm optical film collage)
           NEWSW (Cinematic paper emulsion (CPE) Photo Collage
           Churchbells (video)
           Barf light (video)
1978    The Sacred Heart Program (16mm optical track film collage)
           Magnet (Film carving & painting on magnetic film work)
1974    A Film made with a Script (Paper film performance presentation)

•   With Angel Orensanz, Angel Orensanz Foundation, NY                      
                   "The Orensanz Portfolio"- Digital video portrait of Orensanz.
                   Incorporates recordings of Orensanz art on his site locations worldwide.
                   -Shown: Selection for exhibition in the 51st Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
2005-09  •   With Mark Stewart, Founding Musician, Bang on A Can; lead guitarist,
                   Paul Simon band; internationally noted composer-musician    
                   "Live Reel" Five Short 16mm Films for theater and live music
                   -Shown: Filmmakers Coop Benefit, Angel Orensanz Foundation, Sept, 2005
                   "Jazz Elegy"-Live music & 35mm/DV 2001
                   tribute to Henri Matisse, supported by a MacDowell Fellowship.
                   -Shown: Sundance Channel, Shorts from the Underground, November 2003
                               MoMA, NY, June 2002
2000      •   With Vivienne Thaul Wechter, Artist-in-Residence, Fordham University, NY
                  "Thunderbolt: A Dialogue with Dr. Vivienne Thaul Wechter..."
                  Video portrait of Wechter by Cameron with original poetry by Wechter;
                  s-8 intervalometer photography.
                  -Shown: Berrie Center for the Performing Arts, Ramapo College, NJ My, 2000
                  -Cineprobe Series, MoMA, NY, March, 2000
•   With Fred Kaufman, Composer, Director, School of Music, Florida Int’l U.
Meditation for a Lonely Flute"
                  Live music & video collaboration, Disney Enterprises a sponsor.
                  -Shown: Festival of the Performing Arts, Florida Int’l University, Miami, Nov.
1997      •   With Barbara Siesel, Flutist; Elena Reuhr, Professor of Composition, MIT 
                  "OF WATER & CLOUDS"-Live music & video collaboration.
                  Commissioned by /performed for:
                  The National Flute Convention, Marriott Hotel, NY, NY, August           
•   With Eleo Pomare, founder, The Eleo Pomare Dance Company
                  "Raft" -Dance & film collaboration
                  -Shown/Performed: Cineprobe, MoMA, NY, March 4, 1996       
1995           "A Horse Named Dancer" *Dance/film collaboration.
                  Illustrates the short shelf life of the career of a dancer.
                  -Shown/Performed: Florence Gould Theater, 1995
                  Review, Jennifer Dunning, the New York Times
•    With Nanette Bearden, Nanette Bearden Contemporary Dance Theater 
                  "Mothers Prayer" *Dance video documentary.
                  -Shown: Directors Series, NYU, May 1995; Cineprobe, MoMA, March 4, 1996   
                  -Represented the 1990s, NY Film/Video Council 50th Retro, @MoMA, 1996
•    With Don Militello, Jazz composer, performer, and pianist
                  "NYC/Joshua Tree" * 16mm film.
                  -Shown: The San Francisco Cinemateque, Film Center at the Art Institute of 
                  Chicago, Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris, MoMA, NY more.
                  Winner, Juror's Choice Award, 1993 Black Maria Film Festival.
1994           "Felice" Jazz piano/35mm slide piece illustrating career of late painter Felice.
                  -Shown: Introduced by Dr. Billy Taylor, JJCCJ, Lincoln Center, December, 1994
1999           "Spring Fever" Digital video/ live performance.
                  -Shown: MoMA, June 2000
•    With Mike Kuchar, Film/video maker.
                 "Donna Cameron at Work"       
                  Mike's video of Cameron working on her films;
                  "Films on Filmmakers & Filmmaking", MoMA Circulating Film Library.
                  -Shown: Millennium, MoMA, Pacific Film Archives, others
•    With Shirley Clarke, Film / video director
                  "Shirley Clarke in Our Time" (completed 1995)
                  Portrait/auto-portrait of Clarke, with rare home movies of Clarke's   
                  childhood. Used Amiga Toaster Computer.
                 -Shown: MoMA 2000 20TH CENTURY RETROSPECTIVE, others.