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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NYFVC Experimental Media Panel @ EAI: Success!!!

webassets/NYFVCpresidentMarieReganannouncespanel.jpg NYFVC President Marie Regan announces panel.

webassets/NYFVCPanelClemanandPanelistThomasBeardLightIndustry.jpgwebassets/NYFVCPanelPanelModeratorRebeccaClemanEAI.jpg Moderator Rebecca Cleman (EAI) & Panelist Thomas Beard (Light Industry).  webassets/NYFVCPanelistsAndrewLampertAnthologyFilmArchivesandAlexKitnickGreenNaftaliGallery.jpgwebassets/NYFVCPanelistsLampertKitnick.jpg Panelists Andrew Lampert (AFA) & Alex Kitnick (Green Naftali). 

Audience EAIwebassets/NYFVCPanelAudience3.jpg webassets/NYFVCPanelAudience.jpg  webassets/NYFVCPanelAudience2.jpg  webassets/NYFVCPanelAudience6.jpg webassets/NYFVCPanelAudience5.jpg 2011

NYFVC Panel by Jake Perlin (BAM) and Donna Cameron (NYU) April 5th, 2011 @ EAI.

+ more + news & photos + upcoming events!    www.nyfvc.org

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Andy's video at Wrigley Field


My son Andy (Dartmouth '09) is building his repertoire as a sports media man. Cheers!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bridal Shower!!!
webassets/NickieBallew.jpgMy neice Nickie Ballew of Houston, Texas is getting married in May to Jon Penso of Long. Island, NY. Nickie is a kindergarten teacher & Jon is in management. They met at their alma mater,  St. John's U and will live in NY after a honeymoon to Italy. KUDOS!
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ABA panelist, copyright law/smartphone technology
Moderated by Alexandra Darraby, The Art Law Firm, LA